2011 . A Year in Review

January 24, 2012

I’m not much for writing so I’ll keep it short. 2011 was a whirlwind, it sure went fast. It took the year ending for me to pump the brakes and take some time to think about what just happened. All I seem to keep on saying to myself is how blessed I am. I have a few thanks you to go around so I’ll start with my wonderful wife, Jill, my family and friends for always supporting and encouraging me. Most importantly, I’d like to thank my amazing couples who trusted me and let me create. Here are some of my favorite images I took over the year. enjoy.


So gorgeous! Glad you had such a great year!

this is INCREDIBLE GENE……… YOU AMAZE ME FRIEND… You have become SUCH an amazing photographer i give your name out all the time… i just look at where you’ve come from, and its just CRAZY you’ve grown in your gifting SO much YOU ARE SOOOOOOO AWESOME! i love all these photos above and i just think your perspective is soooo unique, you get shots that people wouldnt even think of shooting. You capture peoples lives/weddings/emotions/etc in such a way that makes memories seem so real when you look back at your photos. GOOD JOB GENEOH! Watch out 2012 HERE COMES GENEOHBAMBIENO! ha!!

what a year. great work, sir.

Wow! Your work is so BEAUTIFUL!! You have SWEET style, AMAZING angles, and FANTASTIC framing! I love it all!!!!!!

This is such booming post! You killed 2011, can’t wait to see what 2012 has in for you!

… so good dude. so good.

you’re pretty good at this photography thing.

such a great year my friend.

Dannnnng man. This was one of my favorite 2011 wrap ups – love your vision

Dude! So great my man. Especially love Aspen! 2012 is going to blow my mind!

2011 treated you well, can’t wait to see what’s 2012 does to you

Awesome year! Really enjoyed that post – and following your stuff this year. So cheers! Love that shot of the hand through the doors. That, and nearly every other frame. Sweet!

Amazing work in 2011 dude!!!

clear evidence that God poured out creative grace in you. period. an amazing year!

Amazing Year, i’m glad i discovered you and your blog. Look forward to more inspirational shots to come in 2012!

so, so, so much greatness here Gene. What a stellar year you’ve had, congrats!!!!

Such a solid year Dude 🙂

this is so unbelievably good

Amazing Gene, amazing. 2012 will be epic. amen.

thank you for making life so much better with this post!

You are incredibly talented.

I really don’t think there are words for how absolutely amazing your photographs are. I could cry right now. Absolutely… beautiful. <3

These are some great pics. Awesome 🙂

Insane amount of awesomeness

Each individual photo is completely amazing. Put them together in one post and it’s kind of mind blowing. You’ve got mad skills, Gene. Congrats on 2011 and cheers to 2012!

Your work is amazing. So good!

I know I’m a little late to the game here, but I just wanted to say that it’s been awesome to see you grow over the last few years – I absolutely love your images. It’s evident that God has blessed you with a true gift.

Seriously impressive work. Inspirational stuff, Gene.

Absolutely amazing work!

Holding my breath for every frame, just gorgeous.

Really great stuff — we can all only hope to have such a great year. Looking forward to seeing how you attack 2012!