Frequently Asked Questions

Where did GENEOH (Gene-oh) come from?
I grew up with the nickname, Geno. Everyone called me by that, teachers, friends, my parents. When I started my business I didn’t want to do Gene Pease Photography so I came up with a different spelling of my childhood nickname. My favorite part of it is people still call me Geneoh but they don’t know it’s been what most people have called me my entire life.

What’s included in the package we book?
Each of the packages I offer are different but they all include a USB of the digital negatives, print release, an online gallery for viewing and ordering and a leather portfolio with custom fine art prints.

Do you shoot film?
I absolutely love film. In the last few years it’s become a major source of inspiration for myself. Some of the weddings I photograph work well with the medium, but not all do. With this in mind, stick mostly to digital as my go-to medium on a wedding day. For me, your wedding story unfolds quickly during the day and I want to be ready when the moment counts. Digital allows me to quickly and efficiently tell your story. If we have time and the ability to slow down, I’ll most likely whip out a film camera for some portraits.

Can we print through you?
While you do receive the print release with your finished photos, you can print through me. I print in house using museum quality paper from Hahnemuehle. I also work this a professional print lab for when you order prints off your online gallery.

Do you have insurance? How about backup gear? 
Yes and yes. Wouldn’t leave the house without it.

How many photos do you deliver?
Every wedding is unique and my main focus is telling the story of the day. That doesn’t always equate to an abundance of images. With that said, I typically deliver 400-600 finished images.

How long until we see our photos?
A lot depends on when you get married but my contract says 4-6 weeks and I do well with sticking to that time fram.

Do you work with and who are your second photographers?
It depends on what package you book but I for sure work with them. I have a small group of about 4 photographers I use routinely. I love having them along, they give me freedom to capture moments I may have not been able to if it was just me.

Do you travel for weddings?
Of course! Most of my work is done in Minnesota and Wisconsin but one of my favorite opportunities this job provides me is the ability to travel and see the world while photographing my couples. I have special packages for domestic and overseas weddings. Just inquire for more information.