Christa & Luke / Preacher’s Grove Wedding

August 5, 2013

Christa and Luke’s wedding is special to me. In the height of wedding season it’s easy to get in a rut creatively and emotionally. You get used to shooting so much that you turn your brain off and just work. Christa and Luke made me stop, slow down, and appreciate what was happening. Their joy and love for life and each other was palpable and it reminded me why I’m a wedding photographer.

Thank you to both of you and your families for letting me be a part of your day, I’ll never forget it.

Film images captured with a Contax 645 + Canon 1v on Fuji 400h. Scanned by Indie Film Lab.
A big thanks to my friend JD Hudson for traveling and shooting along side me.

Ceremony: Preacher’s Grove, Itasca, Minnesota
Reception: Camp Fish, Walker, Minnesota