Angela & Adam / Brisbane, Australia Wedding

June 24, 2011



so jealous! great frames, man. love that tree.

love that one of him hugging her hard at the ceremony.

Perfect work, Gene. I love the comps and your processing. It’s really nice to see your work going international.

Love the emotion captured. Brilliant work.

WOW!! Another spectacular job Gene!! That brides dress was gorgeous and I am so in love with that tree. Too bad we don’t have trees like that here in Minnesota.

Uh.. yeah. You’re too good.

Awesome, most awesome tree ever

pimpin’ aint easy.

This. Is. Crazy. Great.

Every single one of these is perfection.

Crack open an oil can of Fosters. You deserve it!

Awesome! Good work with the b&w :)And congrats for going international

Gene these are absolutely ridic. I LOVE them. That groom is one stylish dude. Well done.

slick work G! was excellent to share a brew with you too.. next time we’ll be sure to speak louder (& slower) ;D

Just because I’ve never seen it typed before and because it sums up this set I’m going to have to copy Nirav’s comment above – Boomshackalaka!

wow! your work is stunning! these guys got style!

He’s ON FIRE! Boomshackalaka!

Amazing story telling, cheers from méxico.

you, sir, are awesome. the way you work with reflections and framing and unique perspectives makes me… sigh. and you still capture the most exquisite moments too. beautiful, beautiful work…

very, very nicely done indeed.

What a beautiful wedding…you always impress me with your work…sooooooo nice

love the shoes on the grass with the natural light

Love how you see the world…and that portrait of theirs underneath that tree…beautiful. Well done!

Stunning work as usual…and hot damn I love the colors. Love the getting ready shots!

Your photographs are so amazing, like stills from a movie. I’m in love with all of them.

If there’s butterflies, I’m sold. 🙂 And Australia? Yeah.
Killer work. Such a sweet couple.

duuuuude this is so good it hurts. seriously epic.

So so so so cool. Amazing work – love everything from the light to the details to the people. Looked like an amazing day. Way to rock it.

story+creativity+destination+flare. wicked work man.

Your work just gets better and better!

totally speechless. this has to be my favorite wedding of yours. I couldn’t possibly begin to pick favorites. they are all equally awesome.

these are excellent!

The ceremony photographs themselves are often lost in a huge array of peripheral shots, doomed to be skipped over quickly by many.. but not these. These ceremony shots shine through, worthy to be held up with any other in this set. Hard to accomplish, when the others in this set are so incredibly beautiful.

Loved the theme of the photography.. innovative..

This is a very large set of images, what’s really impressive is how consistently good they, they are truly stunning!