Adventure & Story . Iceland

Last August my friend, Levi Tijerina and I hosted our workshop Adventure & Story in Reykjavík, Iceland. Levi spoke about what goes into booking, shooting, and being a photographer that specializes in destination weddings. I shared about my experiences documenting weddings for the past 7 years and what it takes to be a great storyteller. I loved having the opportunity to share what I love about wedding photography and why I'm so drawn to it. 

Iceland is an inspiring place. Its raw beauty is something I've never experienced before. Unfortunately, I was only able to be in Iceland for a few days so I saw just a fraction of the beautiful Island. I can't wait to go back and explore more.

A big thank you to all the photographers who attended the workshop. Without you, I wouldn't be able to share my passion of weddings with others. Derek, Lena, Ashleigh, Lydia, Laufey, Nicola, Sabrina, you guys rock!


Moving forward, I am thrilled to say that we still have a few open spots available for our upcoming Adventure & Story workshop that's taking place in Glasgow and Glencoe, Scotland on April 28th-29th. I am so excited to see Scotland and to build off of our last workshop. If you're interested in joining us on this adventure, you can book your seat here.

Next, I'd like to announce that Adventure & Story will be making its way to my hometown. Levi and I will be hosting a one day version of our workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 7th. We will be spending the day at my studio discussing destination weddings and storytelling and then, when the light is golden, we will shoot at Taylors Falls, one of my favorite locations. Afterward, we will continue the discussion and break off for one-on-one dialog. If you're interested in joining us, or have any questions about the workshop, head over to to get in contact with us or book your seat. 


Here are a few of the photos I took during my time in Iceland. Images were captured on either a Hasselblad 500 cm, Pentax 67ii, Leica m6 or Leica m240. Film images shot on Kodak film and were developed and scanned by Mammum Film Lab.

2014 . A Year in Review

Every year when I make this post I get really thankful. Thankful I'm blessed do this for a career. Thankful I work with inspiring couples. Thankful I get to create images that matter. 2014 was an incredible year. Thank you again to all of my couples that opened their worlds to share with me and thank you to all who takes the time to view my work. Hugs. 

Cheers to a 2015 full of stories and excitement.