Growing up, I’ve always had the desire to create. When I was young, I focused my creativity toward drawing. In high school, it was music. During my time in college, I found a creative outlet in graphic design which is why I graduated with a degree in the field. But after all that time, I haven’t found a passion and a focus like I find in photography. There is something truly exciting and beautiful about capturing a moment that lives on through time as an image.

I believe that photos are something that should stand the test of time, capturing moments as raw and as real as when they happened. My photos will remind you of the sights, smells, and feeling that surrounded your day without any added distractions. I prefer the simple, clean, and raw; qualities that I bring into my everyday life in the way I design our house, love others and pursue relationships.

I want all of that for you. I want you to relive all of your favorite memories with the simple glance of a print on your wall or framed photo on your mantle.

I have a beautiful wife at home that I am blessed to get to tag-team this life with, two rad baby boys, and a pup that’ll make you want to go home and buy one for yourself. I’m excited to sit down with you over some tasty beverages, discuss your passions and vision for your memories, and share with you my little corner of Minnesota.